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Donald Otto receives Citizen of the Year Award

Citizen of the Year 2014

Citizen of the Year 2014


The Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce presented Don Otto (a former member of The Winner’s Circle) with their 2014 Citizen of the Year Award.

From the Prescott Valley Tribune, July 16th:

Donald Otto opened his business in Prescott Valley in 2008 and has been an active and participating citizen of our community from his first day in business.

In the conduct of his business, he values the services of our first responders, veterans, and other respected and dedicated public servants by making sure they receive the best treatment and services he can provide. Veterans particularly have noticed the emphasis he places on the quality and the price of everything he provides for them. When a needy veteran comes to him for his products or services, he has shown unmatched generosity in ensuring that the veteran leaves his business with safe and reliable equipment, regardless of their ability to pay.

Donald and his wife have been key parts of the Prescott Valley Salute to Heroes Day in which veterans and first responders are honored and saluted by the citizens of Prescott Valley and the tri-city area. Several thousands of dollars have been raised at these events and donated to assist our veterans in need.

The larger contribution takes place daily at his business where he dedicates himself and his business to making sure those who have served our country and communities receive the best support and treatment he can provide.