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In Memoriam – Heidi McCarthy


Heidi McCarthy, age 63, died suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday, October 11, 2014. The cause was an aggressive form of leukemia that was diagnosed only two days before her death.

Heidi was the Owner, Trainer, and Consultant at Customers First, and was General Manager and Director of Operations at Custom Training Institute (CTI). She was the Lead CDT at Red Robin, and enjoyed her work at Olive Garden and was recently selected as Employee of the Month.

Heidi was a member of the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors and Winners Circle.

Heidi always gave so generously not just to causes that she supported, but to others. She was a giving and loving wife, sister, and friend, and touched so many lives in so many positive ways. She was also devoted to all of her animals, and her ‘girls’, Sugar and Ebony.

Survivors include her beloved husband and soul partner of 35 years, Kyle McCarthy, and her sister, Rosie Postelnek of Beaumont, TX.

In lieu of flowers or plants, memorial contributions are welcome in Heidi’s name. Suggestions may include  Yavapai Big Brothers and Sisters, the Yavapai Food Bank, Stepping Stones of Prescott Valley, the Nature Conservancy, and the SPCA.

Donald Otto receives Citizen of the Year Award

Citizen of the Year 2014

Citizen of the Year 2014


The Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce presented Don Otto (a former member of The Winner’s Circle) with their 2014 Citizen of the Year Award.

From the Prescott Valley Tribune, July 16th:

Donald Otto opened his business in Prescott Valley in 2008 and has been an active and participating citizen of our community from his first day in business.

In the conduct of his business, he values the services of our first responders, veterans, and other respected and dedicated public servants by making sure they receive the best treatment and services he can provide. Veterans particularly have noticed the emphasis he places on the quality and the price of everything he provides for them. When a needy veteran comes to him for his products or services, he has shown unmatched generosity in ensuring that the veteran leaves his business with safe and reliable equipment, regardless of their ability to pay.

Donald and his wife have been key parts of the Prescott Valley Salute to Heroes Day in which veterans and first responders are honored and saluted by the citizens of Prescott Valley and the tri-city area. Several thousands of dollars have been raised at these events and donated to assist our veterans in need.

The larger contribution takes place daily at his business where he dedicates himself and his business to making sure those who have served our country and communities receive the best support and treatment he can provide.

Our 10th Anniversary!!

Town Manager of PV


On June 10th, we will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary and inaugurating a new Business Tip program of once a quarter bringing in an outside speaker. Our speaker will be Larry Tarkowski, Town Manager of PV.  Please remember to RSVP to Cathy Severson.

Your “Elevator Speech”

Craft your elevator speech

Craft your elevator speech (Photo credit: Milwaukee JobCamp)

Cathy Severson gave us a review of the purpose of and what should be included in an “Elevator Speech”. The purpose of an “elevator speech” is to peak the other person’s interest so that they ask you for more contact information.

The components of an Elevator Speech are:

• Problems I solve for your customers

• Simplicity

• Keeping the other person’s interest

• Making a connection to other person’s business


From Chris Barrow  – consultant, trainer and coach to the UK dental profession for over 20 years;  :

  1. Set Up
    1. Who – target market
    2. Problem they have
    3. Feelings as a result of the problem:

i.      Differentiate what “I” do verses others in the same field.

  1. Action
    1. What you do / need you fill
  2. Results
    1. Solutions for the client
    2. Benefits to the client


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Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl-a-thon Results


Heidi at Bowl-a-thon 2014

The Winner’s Circle members again support Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl-a-thon. Team Captain, Heidi McCarthy, of the Customers First! team announced that the team raised over $1,100 – enough to match one “Big” to one “Little” with a little left over. (It costs $1,000 to make a match.) Heidi also received a combination award for bring in the highest individual pledges at the round of bowl she was at, as well as recognition for participating in the event for 9 consecutive years.

Heidi said that many of her personal pledges came from Winners Circle members, and she is grateful to all who made pledges.